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The company ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH (ask) delivers tailored solutions and services in the areas of visualisation, automated generation of documents, and broadcast computer graphics.

The company ask adopts the project challenges of the clients and brings their projects to success by providing experienced project management and highly motivated project teams.

Among the products developed and marketed by ask is also the system TriVis Weather Graphix for the professional television weather presentation.

TriVis stands as one of the most technically mature weather graphics systems with an on-air success story of daily broadcasts since over 14 years without exception. It guarantees a very cost-effective and flexible production of weather shows with a complete feature-set and the latest 2D and 3D computer graphics.

In addition to TriVis, ask develops further meteorological and graphical products such as SkyView, JavaMAP, or WESTE. With these products the visualisation of weather for aviation, road maintenance, or climatologic consulting is performed.

Please contact us and let us find out how we can support you to achieve your project goals successfully and efficiently.