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GISC Offenbach is part of Germanys commitment to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Information System (WIS) project. WIS is an international effort to provide a single coordinated global infrastructure for the discovery, collection and sharing of information in support of all WMO and related international programmes.

The WMO GTS (Global Telecommunications System) has been an essential part of the distribution system of operationally-critical meteorological data. WIS extended the GTS functions to allow many organisations who do not have the access to GTS, to obtain data online.

From the GISC Offenbach portal, you can search for data and products currently listed in the catalogue. Once you have found a product you are interested in, you can request direct access to the most recent products (up to 24 hours old) or setup a subscription to get the products delivered when they arrive at GISC Offenbach. (Information on WIS published by the WMO)


Since 2008, IT-staff of the company ask contribute with their know-how in software design, creation and maintenance to the success of this technologically advanced and innovative project to guaranty an efficient global WWW-based exchange of meteorological and climatological data according to WMO standards and by applying innovative IT technologies.