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JavaMAP is being developed by the company ask since many years. It represents a client-/server-application, which is implemented in Java and offers access to satellite images, radar images, observed weather data, spot value forecasts, and weather forecast data over LAN or WAN (including the Internet).

The data can be displayed as zoomable maps of the world. In addition, line graphs for time plots can be generated. JavaMAP is especially easy-to-use and by these means allows to interactively visualise the past and forecast future weather.

It is not tailored for a special user group but rather addresses a broad range of applications for the visualisation of meteorological data with an easy installation. Currently, JavaMAP is installed at over 800 users.

It offers easy navigation and requires no training for the handling. There is a special mode for the road maintenance authorities, which displays the road network together with all data relevant for roads.