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The software solution WESTE was developed by the company ask for the needs of consultants for climate and environment. It automatically produces directly from the database and via the Internet distribution channel it disseminates statistical weather products.

Thus, WESTE gives direct access to the data pool of a weather service over the Internet with web-based technologies based on J2EE and the Oracle application server. This way it accesses general climatologic data such as air temperature, wind gusts, precipitation amounts, snow heights, or the sunshine duration.

Out of this data it produces PDF- or Excel-documents, which include charts, tables, and texts. Also, output in the form of XML files can be generated. In addition, an interface to a Webshop environment has been added to WESTE’s integrated e-payment solution.

For registered customers the system offers an online-user-authentication and an interface to the invoicing accounting system.

Main issues were the user-friendliness and to meet the highest security standards as well as the fully automatic processing of the whole chain from request over offer and order until the delivery and invoicing.