ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH


ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH delivers tools and services tailored for a great variety of international customer groups. We specialize in visualization, broadcast computer graphics and the automated generation of documents. Our primary areas of focus are meteorological data and applications for the governmental and private sectors. Our solutions cover,

  • Media Production –Some of the most technically advanced weather graphics systems; for daily use in broadcast, and across a wide range of media platforms.

  • Data Distribution – Collate and disseminate fully-audited weather data across the globe, from reliable sources worldwide.

  • Meteorological Workstations – Collaborating in the creation of the next generation of weather analysis solutions.


  • Aviation – Highly responsive tools for Air Traffic Controllers, to support pilots from initial flight planning through to a safe landing

  • Self-briefing – Solutions for weather self-briefing,within aviation and maritime navigation.



We focus on developing easy-to-use, professional tools for the representation of sophisticated weather situations in 2D and 3D. Our solutions deliver directly to a wide variety of media platforms, and work with 4k formats. They are designed to assure reliable automatic production – 24/7.

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Revolutionizing Content Production with Cutting-Edge 3D City Models and Geospatial Precision

In collaboration with sophisticated partners, ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH proudly provide synthetic 3D city models and geospatial data, including satellite ground textures with an impressive 20 cm resolution, to the urban weather and event visualization industry. These [...]