Experience weather like never before.


Weather forecasts on television are of prime importance for public broadcasters – and for commercial channels too. Audiences need comprehensive and essential weather information, relevant to their local area and day-to-day needs.

There’s also an increasing interest in global climate, which necessitates the coverage of more distant weather phenomena. As a result, the graphics for illustrating the weather need to be aesthetically appealing, beautifully animated, clearly arranged, easy to understand, and of the highest data quality.

Their production needs to be reliable, secure and efficient. Channel branding is of utmost importance; a high profile television channel will require the most eye-catching 3D effects. Speed is of the essence – timely visualizations are needed to ensure the latest weather information is always available.

Our solutions have been meeting these requirements consistently for over 25 years. Television stations worldwide rely on them in their daily broadcast operations.


Weather information for mobile platforms needs to be of premium quality and suitable for all devices. Furthermore, users of location-based services demand highly accurate geo-mapped data.

For that reason, mobile weather information needs to be cost-effective for mass-production. Up-to-date weather content needs to be available from service providers 24/7, covering a broad range of areas and weather parameters


Weather portals on the Internet receive increasingly high levels of web traffic. Compared to weather forecasts delivered by other media, they offer two significant advantages:

  • They provide the most up-to-date weather information.
  • They allow the user to personalize their own service from the broader volume of available data.

Our tailored products are ideal for today’s weather portals. Fully automatic production is offered on standard PC hardware or virtual platforms. Full ‘cloud’ remote services are also available.

Very short production times guarantee the highest possible timeliness of weather content. Our weather production systems generate of a wide variety of different weather products for all user groups with remarkably little effort, cost or maintenance.