Experience weather like never before.


Weather forecasts on television have top-ranking with public broadcasters, as with private channels. The audiences need to be supplied with comprehensive and essential weather information, relevant to their geographic area and specific needs.

However, the increasing interest in global climate requires to also cover distant weather phenomena. As a result, the graphics for illustrating weather development need to be aesthetically appealing, animated, clearly arranged, easy to understand, and of the highest quality.

Their production needs to be reliable, secure, efficient and conscious of other factors, such as, the profile of the television channel, which may require spectacular 3D-effects. Keeping in mind that the timeliness of the visualisations in relation to the latest weather information always needs to be assured.

The IT solutions of the company ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH meet these requirements since over a 25 years. Television stations rely on them worldwide in their daily broadcast operations.


Mobile weather information needs to be of premium quality and also suitable for all devices. In addition, the unique mapping to the geographic location of the recipient is of high importance for location-based services.

For that reason, mobile weather information needs to be cost-effective for mass-production. In order to continuously provide weather content, which is always timely, covers a broad range of areas and weather parameters, as well as, being retrievable from the servers of the service providers.


The weather portals in the Internet receive visits and page impressions at very high and still rising levels. This is due to the fact that compared to weather forecasts in other media they can offer two significant advantages:

They outperform all other media in the timeliness of the offered products. In addition, they allow the user to interactively filter the individual relevant sub-set of information from a larger amount of available data.

The tailored products of ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH serve weather portals in an ideal manner. Providing them with the possibility of fully automatic production on standard PC hardware.

The very short production times guarantee highest possible timeliness of the weather content. The small efforts and low costs required for the administration and maintenance of the weather production systems allows the generation of a wide variety of different weather products for all user groups.