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Aviation needs particularly precise and up-to-the-minute weather information. The industry can be divided into civil and military aviation on one side, and private flight activities on the other.

Airports plan their capacities according to weather forecasts. Airlines use forecasts to coordinate their fleet of aircraft and to optimize their consumption of resources. Finally, pilots themselves receive their “Significant Weather Charts” before beginning their individual journeys.

Private hobby pilots perform their mandatory self-briefing based on the most current weather data. They also use this information for planning glider competitions.

Construction Industry

The building industry is very dependent on weather, climate, and general atmospheric conditions.

Climatologic data can be used for the selection of sites, as evidence of weather-related delays in construction, for the optimization of energy-saving measures within buildings, for the minimization of heating-related energy consumption, as well as the planning of fittings for new buildings.

Additionally, weather data is used on a day-to-day basis for the deployment of workers and machines. It also guides the likely safety measures required for any particular weather conditions.

To provide the construction industry with an optimal service, ‘ask’ has developed IT solutions tailored to the sector. These solutions provide just-in-time and on-demand weather information right when it’s needed.

The online solutions from ‘ask’ use the latest IT technologies for registered clients. We also offer similar services to non-registered customers via e-payment methods. Both are available day-in, day-out.


Since time immemorial, the shipping business has relied on weather forecasts for route planning and for the scheduling of individual passages and journeys.

The basis for such planning is both the consolidated climatologic findings for winds and currents and the particular forecasts for swell, wave height, wind speed, and wind direction.

ask’ has developed interactive sea-weather maps specifically for the shipping industry. Presented using the latest by internet technology, the maps enable the user to gain a rapid overview of the weather situation. They provide an interactive zoom capability, to get more detailed information on the sea areas in question.