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With trivisWS, ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH offers its customers in the fields of air traffic control, construction, media, insurance, and others, a new lightweight browser-based weather information system. Consistent with state-of-the-art web technologies and OGC-compliant standards and combined with a service-oriented system architecture, trivisWS guarantees a flexibly deployable and highly maintainable future-proof system available both as software and alternatively as a service.

As a software, it is operated by the client on their own infrastructure and as a result it is freely configurable and expandable by the user. As a service, it is managed in the cloud by ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH and the customers are granted access. In this way, customers can easily access trivisWS using their mobile or desktop to retrieve the latest weather information.

The weather information available in trivisWS comes from a variety of qualified sources: including the most recent observations and radar data from the DWD, such as satellite images of EUMETSAT or precipitation estimates of the KNMI. Prediction data from GFS, ICON, COSMO and MOSMIX as well as soil analysis maps can be displayed. The Climate Data Center of the DWD, offers a data catalog of past decades weather information and allows customers to store their own weather data granting them unlimited access for later visualisation and analysis.

trivisWS provides the customers a great variety of weather data visualization possibilities, offering a layer-based weather map with free location and time selection options as well as granting the users the possibility to interactively pick values ​​or select weather stations and display data. Downloadable time series in the form of meteograms as well as tabular displays for quick search and processing are also available in trivisWS.

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