The all-purpose forecaster workstation system for processing and displaying meteorological data.


Since 2003 ask Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH is contributing to the design and development of the NinJo software. NinJo is a modern all-purpose forecaster workstation system for processing and displaying meteorological data, from the integration of raw data to its usage for forecasting purposes.

The multiwindow technology and specialised applications make NinJo the ideal tool not only for operational weather forecasting, but also for other applications where meteorological information plays a vital role for business.

It is developed by the NinJo Consortium, consisting of an international group of national weather services (DWD, Meteo-Swiss, DMI and MSC) and german armed forces (Bundeswehr Geoinformation Service, BGIS).

Today’s numerical weather prediction models provide increasingly high resolutions, a larger coverage area and more vertical layers. NinJo’s 3D visualization application – in development for DWD WV2 – provides the means to get an overview over the whole 3D data volume. This is especially useful for aviation, since it allows to quickly identify regions with turbulence predictions.


  • Multi-window technology
  • Layer-based visualisation of different data types
  • Easily integrated geographic map displays
  • Diagrams, such as meteograms, cross-sections and tephigrams
  • Monitoring of incoming data
  • Animation and graphical export capabilities
  • Interactive and automatic product generation
  • A graphical editor to produce tailored synoptic charts
  • A flexible client/server architecture as well as a high degree of


  • Central graphics component GOF
  • 3D functionality
  • GAFOR Layer
  • Aviation Layer
  • GeoVector Layer
  • Trajectory Layer
  • Colour Table feature