The all-purpose forecaster workstation for processing and displaying meteorological data.


Since 2003 ‘ask’ has been contributing to the design and development of NinJo. NinJo is a modern, all-purpose forecaster workstation system for processing and displaying meteorological data, from the integration of raw data to its usage for forecasting purposes.

The multi-window technology and specialized applications make NinJo the ideal tool for operational weather forecasting. It’s also very useful in applications where meteorological information plays a vital role for business.

It has been developed by the NinJo Consortium. The consortium consists of an international group of national weather services (DWD, Meteo-Swiss, DMI and MSC) and the German armed forces (Bundeswehr Geoinformation Service, BGIS).

Today’s numerical weather prediction models provide increasingly high resolutions, a larger coverage area and more vertical layers. NinJo’s 3D visualisation application – in development for DWD WV2 – provides an overview across the whole 3D data space. This is especially useful for aviation, since it enables the quick identification of areas with predicted turbulence.


  • Multi-window technology
  • Layer-based visualisation of different data types
  • Easily integrated geographic map displays
  • Diagrams, such as meteograms, cross-sections and tephigrams
  • Monitoring of incoming data
  • Animation and graphical export capabilities
  • Interactive and automatic product generation
  • A graphical editor to produce tailored synoptic charts
  • A flexible client/server architecture as well as a high degree of


  • Central graphics component GOF
  • 3D visualization
  • GAFOR Layer
  • Aviation Layer
  • GeoVector Layer
  • Trajectory Layer
  • Colour Table feature