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TriVis Weather Graphix

TriVis is the most powerful graphics solution for the visualization of meteorological data – across all digital media platforms. Our software ensures the cost-effective and flexible production of weather content. Incorporating the latest 2D and 3D computer graphics, TriVis meets all the demands of a vast range of production environments.

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trivisWS is the lightweight, web-based, service-oriented meteorological workstation version of TriVis Weather Graphix. View weather information from different sources, using either mobile devices or desktop computers.trivisWS provides an interface for weather editors. Data can be imported from OpenData, CDC and other providers. It facilitates meteorologists’ analysis of weather conditions and script creation.

trivisWS also supports website operators. By integrating into content management systems, it provides content for website visitors. As part of a larger installation, the application can run stand-alone on a dedicated customer server.

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A state-of-the-art weather presentation system that offers a vast variety of earth visualisation scenes. This fully interactive, real-time solution allows the presenter to control navigation and focus on the day’s weather story. Users can superimpose the weather data on the globe, draw frontal systems and set high / low pressure symbols whilst they present.

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Besides developing and marketing products, ‘ask’ offers services such as commissioning at the customer’s site, training at customer’s premises or at its own training centre, product support and hotline. ‘ask’ can also facilitate the delivery of production hardware and studio equipment to weather services and TV broadcasters.

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