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TriVis Weather Graphix

TriVis is one of the most technically developed weather graphic solutions with an on-air success story of daily broadcasts without exception. It guarantees a very cost-effective and flexible production of weather shows with a broad functional range and the latest 2D and 3D computer graphics.

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The web-based system component trivisWS is a lightweight meteorological workstation. trivisWS visualizes meteorological data in desktop web browsers and on mobile devices. The application is provided in the standard case as a service for the weather editors with data connection to OpenData, CDC and other providers.

Optionally, as part of a project, the application can be operated stand-alone on a dedicated server of the customer or integrated into a content management system. On the one hand trivisWS facilitates the editorial work of meteorologists for the analysis of weather conditions and the creation of weather texts. On the other hand, website operators can integrate the application in their content management system and make it available to their website visitors.

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A state-of-the-art interactive weather presentation system that offers a vast variety of earth visualization scenes.  Its real-time rendering solution during live broadcastings allows moderators to to have total control over navigation and focus on relevant information.

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Besides developing and marketing products, ask – Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH offers services such as commissioning at customer side, training on customer’s premises or at its own training centre, product support and hotline as well as the delivery of production hardware and studio equipment to weather services and TV broadcasters.

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