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Since 2008 ‘ask’ has been supporting the design, development and commissioning of DWD’s GISC Offenbach (the global WMO Information System WIS). GISC manages a catalogue of over 150,000 metadata sources.

In September 2011 DWD started up the first, central node of their global WMO Information System WIS (GISC). The system helps national meteorological services, research facilities and civil services find and access relevant meteorological and climatological data.

WIS 2.0

The WMO Information System (WIS) is a project designed to enhance the WMO’s existing Global Telecommunication System (GTS). It established a common ICT infrastructure for all WMO programmes and related international initiatives.

WIS is based on industry standards and off-the-shelf systems to ensure cost effectiveness and interoperability. Data is described using metadata standards based on the ISO191** series and INSPIRE. It serves as a meteorological part of GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) and offers access to meteorological data for GEOSS users outside the WMO.

Since 2018 ‘ask’ has supported DWD in the development of WIS 2.0. It will be a system that will change how data moves around the globe and reaches end-users. It will be based on modern, web-based messaging protocols in conjunction with open standards. WIS 2.0 is intended to allow all information providers to manage, publish and share their data more easily. WIS 2.0 will integrate with social platforms and provide seamless access to diverse information in a wide variety of formats. As a result, it will appeal to a wider range of users and offer new ways to interact with meteorological data.


  • Analysis of WMO and user requirements
  • Analysis of existing solutions
  • Conceptual design
  • Software development and commissioning
  • Adaption of open-source software to DWD’s needs
  • Implementation of system monitoring tools
  • Test planning and execution
  • Support during WMO conferences and audit procedures
  • System training at DWD, covering the operation and monitoring of DWD-GISC Offenbach
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